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Our mission is to provide the most effective and comprehensive conservative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. We achieve this by utilizing advanced chiropractic techniques, intersegmental tractions, massage therapy and modern digital radiography for optimal results.
Our objective as your chiropractic health care provider is to deliver the highest quality chiropractic care resulting in timely and functional improvement to your spinal health condition. Our office is routinely evaluated to measure our performance compared to the averages established by other chiropractors in the Blue Cross Blue Shield program. We have been recognized by Optimum health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for meeting performance criteria and aligning our decision making with current best practices which has resulted in the delivery of quality and affordable care for our patients. We particularly excelled in a significantly less overall cost per patient, and less treatments needed per condition. Our office will continue to strive to excel above the standards of chiropractic care in Michigan.
Rose City Chiropractic Clinic ® 3292 N. M-33, Rose City, MI 48654

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Recognized  by Optum Health and Blue Cross/Blue Shield for
delivering quality and affordable care.