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Therapeutic Massage
Tracy Forstey is a licensed massage therapist since 2004 who offers 25, 55, and 80 minute massages to meet the patient's needs and achieve the goal-oriented strategy for maximum rehabilitation. Patients are able to come for a massage without receiving chiropractic care.

  Clinically Supervised
  Therapeutic Massage
  Deep Tissue Massage
  Relaxation Massage
  Goal Oriented
  Traditional Table and Chair Massage
  Pregnancy Massage
  Stretching Techniques
  Lymphatic Drainage
  Hot Stone Massage

Gift certificates are available. 
Other Therapies
Muscle Stimulation
    Help control levels of pain
    Reduces intensity of muscle spasms
    Reduces soft tissue swelling

    Increases blood flow to promote healing
    Increases joint mobility
    Decreases pain and soft tissue swelling

Inversion Traction
    Decreases pressure on intervertebral discs
    Decreases pressure on intervertebral nerve roots

Spinulator Intersegmental Traction
    Gently mobilizes vertebral segments
    Provides gentle stretching to muscles and ligaments of 
          the vertebral column

Weighted Cervical Traction
    Increases spacing between vertebral segments
    Releases pressure on nerve roots
    Relieves muscle and ligamentous tension by providing
          prolonged gentle stretch